Selecting Curtains: Fabric and Size

Color is the aspect of curtains that most people worry about first, but it isn’t the only factor to consider. If you really want the best curtains for your room, you’ll also need to think about fabric. The type of fabric can affect light flow, durability, and a host of other issues.

Cotton, for example, is a versatile option, available in many colors, textures, and patterns. For more info about long island blinds, follow the link. Cotton is a less expensive, versatile fabric. Cotton isn’t sheer, but it does allow light through, which is good if you want natural light while still maintaining privacy. It does, however, suffer from shrinkage and will get damaged by the sun if constantly exposed to it.

Heavier fabrics like wool, velvet, or suede have many advantages. They block more light, so are good for home theaters and bedrooms. They also help hold heat in during the winter, decreasing your heating bills. You’ll have to pay more for these advantages, though.

Figuring out how big you need the curtains to be will help you narrow down your search even further. Start by measuring the window’s width. If the window is particularly wide, you may need to use several panels to get the desired width.

You also need to figure out what how full you want the curtains to look like when they’re closed, that is, how much you want them to gather at the top. Follow the link for more information on window treatments long island. For a fuller window treatment, multiply the width of your window by two. For a less full look, multiply by 1.5. This will also give you the leeway to use a rod that is slightly longer than the window is wide.

Curtains can end wherever you want them to, whether that’s in a pool or puddle on the floor, just below the sill, just above it, or anywhere else. Next, measure your window. You’ll also want to figure out where you want the treatment to begin. Curtain rods are generally mounted over the frame, or placed within it.

If you’re hanging them from within the frame, you don’t need to add any to your length measurement yet. For windows with curtain rods above the frame, you’ll need to add a few more inches to get your desired length. The length listed for premade curtains is the total length. Learn more about Liwts. That means, if you purchase curtains with a casing through which you can put your rod, the length on the package will be the length from the top of the curtain to the bottom, not from the casing to the bottom, so several inches of that length will end up above the rod, not below it.


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