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Be Comfortable This Winter By Checking Your Heating System


With winter on its way, each household should prepare for the cold season by checking their heating system. Fall maintenance heating system checks are essential before winter comes to ensure that the ductwork, furnace, heat pump, thermostat and air filter are functioning properly to make sure your family will be comfortable in the cold season ahead. Cleaning the air filters should be done and checked if need to be replaced. These are some important things you need to add in your To Do List even before you prepare your Christmas shopping list. The health and well-being of your household comes first. One way to ensure this is by conducting a thorough pre-season heater check.

The Importance of System Check

Most emergency winter service calls can be attributed to lack of maintenance. This is the common observation of those who had been around for years in the heating system industry. They agree that 75% of these calls are due to lack of maintenance on their heating system. This could have been avoided if pre-season heater check were done. Here are some important tips you need to consider:

• Inspect the status of the ductwork of your heating system — Check if there are air leaks in the ducts. If it does, heat efficiency is lost in your home. Check for cracks and holes or any exit points for air and heat which can have a heavy toll on your bills. It is not energy efficient to go running a heating system with leaks. This is as crucial as checking the furnace itself.

• Save money by ensuring optimum performance of your heating system — Maintenance can reduce furnace repairs. This should be scheduled prior to winter season, done annually so you can save money. Find a good technician or service center to do the work for you. Check if there is a need to change parts of the heater. You can also explore the idea of installing a programmable thermostat. This type comes ready to be set up or down on your desired temperature, number of hours and days; hence, this is ideal if you want to leave your home for days.

• Preseason heater check ensures your house is safe — Proper maintenance of your heating system ensures that your house is safe. Include a thorough check on any dangerous items near it, store such in proper places. Ask the technician or serviceman to do a proper tune-up and inspection. They normally cost from $65 to $85. Spending this amount is wiser than being caught up with high cost of dealing with accidents due to neglect.

Ensure convenience and safety of your home by checking references of your maintenance service center. Check for standard costs normally asked by reputable technicians in your area. If you had found a good one, maintain requiring their service for the next season.



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