Preventing Home Fires


Your home is the most important physical possession that you own, so you want to take extra measures to ensure that it is safe and secure, and free of anything that could lead to home damage or complete destruction. This means taking the extra steps to make sure that you have the correct homeowner’s insurance, making sure that your coverage is adequate, and making sure that you have security in case of damage or destruction.

Preparing for these events is one thing, but actively working towards protecting your home from a devastation such as a fire takes a little bit more maintenance and preparations. When it comes to protecting against a house fire, there are a few items you can check regularly to drastically decrease the concerns that a fire may break out in your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most proactive approaches that you can take in preventing home fires. A large majority of preventable home fires are started in laundry dryer machines. We know that we should clean out the dryer vent of a home drying machine before every use, or load. This only cleans lint buildup from the initial dryer trap though, and more lint can be building up in the machine itself, or event in the vents in the walls. Ensuring that you have a professional dryer vent cleaning service 1-2 times per year can prevent an accidental fire starting in this appliance.

Regular Chimney Cleaning

It may sound strange that a fireplace can be the starting point of a home fire, but this is one of the places where many house fires DO start. It is not necessarily the fireplace itself that is the problem, it is the chimney. As soot builds up inside of the chimney, it cakes to the sides of the chimney and creates a highly flammable tinder, which once ignited can spread to the roof and to the rest of the house. Making sure to have your chimney swept at least once per year — more often in areas that use fireplaces year-round — can prevent this dangerous soot from building up, and protect you from chimney fires.

These regular maintenance points will get you started in fireproofing your home, but you should express further concerns to your residential home contractor or repair man for other issues such as electrical wiring, and old utilities.

Need Dryer Vent Cleaning or Chimney Sweeping Maintenance?

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