Air conditioner maintenance

Get Rid Of Energy Vampires With An HVAC Audit

153002331Modern homeowners can utilize several techniques to save money on their energy bills. One such technique that California homeowners are taking advantage of is the Home HVAC Audit. An audit of a heating and air conditioning system helps to uncover energy zapping appliances and HVAC equipment that may be running up energy costs to sky high levels.

McLay A/C, Heating and Plumbing is a registered Carrier dealer that specializes in Home HVAC Testing in California. The Whole Home Performance approach that McLay takes with each audit helps homeowners pinpoint problems that would otherwise be overlooked. By using specialized energy audit technology, McLay can help find areas that are lacking proper insulation and leaking out your hard earned money. Additionally, the techniques used by McLay will find uninsulated duct work and any HVAC equipment that is being a drain on your energy consumption. Locating energy vampires in the HVAC system and replacing them with modern energy efficient products holds many rewards.

Not only can homeowners take pleasure in knowing that their carbon footprint is reduced, they will save money on annual energy bills as well. Creating a home or office that focuses on a whole performance HVAC system also provides cleaner moisture free air, so mold and mildew will not be a problem. When combining all of the health and environmental benefits of a high quality HVAC system that maximizes comfort while reducing the costs, it only makes sense to have an energy audit to see where your home stands.

Many homeowners find out that they are losing the cool and warm air they are paying top dollar to produce due to improperly sealed windows and doors. Some homeowners even find out that their insulation is not all they thought it was, and some discover leaky uninsulated air ducts. Homeowners that live in or around Los Angeles County, Riverside, North Orange County, or San Bernadino County, can get a no risk HVAC audit through McLay and be on their way to reducing energy costs by up to 40%. Give McLay A/C, Heating and Plumbing a call today at 909-326-6106 to discover what your HVAC energy vampires are.


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