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Changing The Style Of Your Fireplace


Though the practical role of the fireplace has been taken over by more modern means of heating, there are no substitutes for the rustic majesty that it can establish in a home. It remains a charming and attractive focal point that can set the tone for the rest of the area in a versatile and comfortable way. Many homeowners enjoy the presence of the fireplace for entertaining guests, thematically heating up a section of the room, or simply for personal reflection and pleasure. However, as overall furnishings and decors change, the fireplace will need to as well. Consider some of the following tips that can help you set the tone for the rest of the room by using the fireplace as the centerpiece.

How To Get Started

Because of how luxurious its presence is, the fireplace can add a very powerful element of warmth and style. It can help shape the furnishings present, so having a vision for the rest of the room around the fireplace can be a good way to proceed. Imagine that space around the fireplace as you browse through a selection and think about what unique spin you could set on the rest of the room. This can involve looking into traditional mantle materials, such as brick or stone, or more luxurious ones, such as metal or marble. Experimenting with colors and styles can be a good way to determine what type of atmosphere you want to arrange in the room, and how the rest of the furniture will follow.

More Ideas

As a focal point, many people may also consider positioning the fireplace deeper within the wall and foregoing the use of a mantle entirely. This allows homeowners to explore decorative options that can involve the entire wall, while providing them with more decorative space for other fixtures that they can set around the fireplace. These statement walls, as they are called, can be decorated with colorful tiles, innovative mosaics, and other types of fixtures that can draw attention to the fireplace as the center of attention. With an eye for the creative, it can be easy to add a touch of lavish comfort to any atmosphere.

Our Favorite Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace:


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