Interior Design

Add Character to Your Home With Crown Molding


The trim around rooms in your home provide a great opportunity for adding custom details that will bring out a lot of character in a room. By simply adding crown molding and custom trim, you can add hints of character for a very low cost, and it is easy enough for most amateur interior designers to add themselves.

145121522In the past — especially in Victorian times — many of the moldings had to be made by hand using plaster and a set of tools to carve out the ornate designs. Today, you can find many different styles of crown moldings already cut and customized at your local hardware store or interior design warehouse. These moldings can be added to any room of the home, or even outside to give a pop to the edges of floors or ceilings, and work even better with baseboards, wallpaper, tiles and a variety of other finishing touches.

While crown molding is most often used sparingly where the walls meet floors and ceilings in modern design, you can be as creative with the molding as you would like, extending into the ceilings with varying levels or higher up onto the walls, if you like.

Watch The Video Below to See How Easy It Can Be to Install Crown Molding Yourself:



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