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A Broke Person’s Guide To Amazing Interior Design

Decorating on a budget, especially an infinitely small one, can seem impossible. If you use the right techniques, tools, and a little creativity you can create a room fit for a professional home decorating magazine. Here is a small guide to get you started on creating something from nothing for your home décor.

Recreate From What You Have

Re-purposing or up-cycling is often free and can lead to creative home décor solutions. For example, you can use wood pallets in your garden to create a natural wood floor in your bathroom or home office. Wine boxes and crates can be upgraded to a rustic coffee table that offers storage and appeal. You can also use leftover wood molding to create a frame around bathroom mirrors that give a finished look.

Use Your Social Resources

Social media and networking is an ideal spot to find free items to convert into home décor. Keep an eye out for things like free furniture, drop cloth that can be repainted or fashioned into curtains, and other items that only require pick-up or curb alerts for items people are tossing out. You can set up alerts for certain keywords so when items are posted you receive immediate alerts to your phone or email.

Work With One Area At A Time

If you begin with the idea of decorating your entire space, you could get lost in the process. Instead, consider working with one area of your home at a time. Start with the room you are in most often and work your way to areas like closets and laundry rooms. Decide what colors you want to use, what type of layout you want, and begin looking for those items in the home. Collect what you already have, write down ideas, then span out to find the other items you need.

Dumpsters Are A Resource

You may not think of dumpsters as an ideal resource, but they can be a treasure trove of décor for someone that’s broke. Drive through neighborhoods the day before garbage pick-up for things like furniture, lamps, and odds and ends. If you see something you like, make sure to ask the owner if it is okay for you to take it. If you see items outside of businesses, make sure to follow your area dumpster diving laws before taking a look.

By using these ideas you can create the type of home décor you want for little or no money out of pocket. Tap into the artist and stylist within yourself and even friends input for ideas on up-cycling as well as recycling items to create the look you want.

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10 thoughts on “A Broke Person’s Guide To Amazing Interior Design

  1. Thank you so much for following. I will follow you back. You site is awesome. I look forward to reading your posts. There’s much on my site about upcycling…it’s good to have the collaboration. Thanks again….all the best to you. Susie

  2. Reblogged this on witherose and commented:
    A great reminder that you don’t need thousands to create a beautiful home – a project we are doing at the moment is a recycled palette wood path and garden along the narrow side of our house. Will update on this cheap – almost free diy project next week!

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