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Why You Should Embrace The Color Red In Interior Design


Red is undeniably one of the boldest and most daring of colors. It’s a color that spells out energy and boldness. Paint your house bright red and you could easily draw lots of attention or pass off as a fire station. This is why it is important to understand the tips and tricks on how to go about using red. Below are a few tips that will help you add some energy to your home without being completely overwhelming.

Use Red as an Accent in a Mostly Neutral Room

Judicious use of red in a mostly neutral room warms it up. With all other colors playing well together, red adds a spark, and injects some life and interest into a room. Adding a bit of white will balance out the red and keep everything from being too jarring. The main idea is to have red as more of a signature and not so much the dominating color.

Pick a Dark and Unsaturated Shade of Red

You can have your space in red, but it’s advisable to use a darker, more somber hue. In fact, choosing the right shade of red can read as mysterious yet sophisticated without making it feel childish.


Used Red In Unexpected Color Pairings

Bold colors, like red, are always deemed to go well with shyer companions. Try using shades of grey with red, or grey patterns for an elegant look.

Use Red With Strong, Bold Colors

Another useful tactic is to have a group of bold colors but with say only two colors being really saturated.  For instance, you can have a mix of different colors with only red and blue being saturated. Doing so prevents the room from looking like a box of crayons. All together, the mix of colors complement each other and work together to form a great work of art. It’s like a team of players working together, without anyone trying to steal the show.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t be afraid to use red when working on the interior of your home; it is an elegant and bold color that can really add a statement to any room — if you have the moxie to give it a try.


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