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Simple Solutions To Common Rental Kitchen Frustrations


Your new rental kitchen can be downright frightening. From the actual amount of space to the details like cabinets, counter tops and flooring, the space can often be in disrepair or just plain ugly. Mismatched and non-functioning pieces are a common problem.  You may even lack windows or adequate lighting. The new renter is frequently faced with deciding to find a way to break the lease or to spend exorbitant sums to feel at home.

Moving Into a Small Kitchen

The renter’s first order of business is cleaning; next unpacking and organizing the kitchenware.  During the first phase, you may notice stains that cannot be faded or removed embedded in the counter tops or tile floors. In fact there may simply not be enough counter space for food preparation.  You may find there is not enough shelving or drawers to store your cookware, dishware or utensils. You may also discover there is no pantry or room for an eat-in table or bar.

Solutions for a Small Kitchen

Most of these concerns do have a solution depending on the space with which you’re working. Dirty or ugly counter tops can be improved by adding cutting boards or trays that sit permanently over the soiled or damaged areas.  You can resolve the lack of counter space by adding a small to medium sized rolling butcher block table. Because it’s a butcher block, you can chop directly on the surface.

Shelving and Drawers

If you lack ample shelving or drawers, you can use different organization accessories like magnetic knife holders that are suspended on the walls.  Use hanging wire holders to suspend pots and pans overhead. If you have no drawers to store flatware or cooking utensils, store them in jars that sit on the countertop. These are simple ways to resolve the lack of storage.

If you have even more storage problems, like no pantry, try adding a bookshelf or wire shelving system. You may be able to find a narrow shelving system that can easily fit between appliances. Attach wheels to its base and pull it out when you need it.  When not in use, keep it parked between the appliances.  This is an excellent way to correct any disorganization issues resulting from having a very small pantry or no pantry.

Kitchen Floors and Tile

If you are plagued by the ugly or tattered tile on the floor, place throw rugs down to cover the damage.  There are solutions to most problems posed by a kitchen that is ugly or in disrepair. Most of them are very affordable and will leave your kitchen looking adorable.

These are just some of the many ways to deal with a small kitchen, but you really should get creative… hanging baskets and creating custom storage solutions will help you further to feel comfortable in your kitchen, not matter how small and cramped it can be.


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