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The Love Run: That One Race That Loves You Back!

The Love Run is the only place where you feel loved as you take part in a race for a worthy course. It is a precious moment held each year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and you are just in luck as this year’s Love Run opening day is scheduled for March 29 2015.

What Is The Love Run?

The Love Run Philly Race brings together different people from all over Philadelphia to have a go at this amazing Spring Half Marathon. Over 10,000 runners registered in 2014 and this year, the turnout is even going to be better. Not only will you be part of an exciting marathon in the city of Brotherly Love, but you will also get to enjoy other activities organized for registered teams.

There Are Perks!

For participating in this year’s Love Run scheduled for March 29th, you and your team will get free vanity bibs. Additionally, you will get a free coffee mug commemorating the Philadelphia Half Marathon 2015, and we cannot forget; there are free tickets for the first 10,000 registered runners to any Phillies game, except opening day, that will be held in Philadelphia.

A Chance To Volunteer

If you still feel you don’t have a racing backbone, then how about joining the 2000 individuals or volunteers who are going to volunteer for this year’s Love Run? And the best part is, you don’t have to come alone; you can bring your friends, colleagues or family and form a volunteer group of 20 who will help in preparing the venue, attending to the 10,000 runners, and being a wild participant at the cheer zone when the racers come to the finishing line. If you own a clapper or cow bell, you will need it at the cheer zone, as the racers need all the morale they can get from you!

Raise Funds For Charity

Volunteering has its rewards and one of them is being able to raise money for your charity. The Philadelphia Spring Marathon will donate a handsome amount to your charity organization for every extra registration or volunteer you tag along. You just need 20 people to come along for you to get funding; so bring all your friends.

If You Wish To Know More About The Phillies Tickets Or The Love Run In General, Feel Free To Read More About CGI Racing For Extra Information Below:

The Love Run


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