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Tips For Putting Together Your Own Flower Arrangements


Flower arrangements can be an attractive and exciting way for you to add a splash of color to a loved one’s life. There are numerous holidays and gift options that would allow you to express yourself through your own flower arrangements as well. If you have never designed such arrangements before, and are interested in getting started, consider some of these tips.

Flower Arrangements Begin with a Good Base

Beginning with a good base is always vital. Make sure that you build an arrangement that has a few small, leafy branches at the foundation to help the brighter colors shine. Bolder arrangements can use flowers at their foundation as well, and remember to be creative.

Shape Your Flower Arrangement

Let the flow of the base shape the rest of the bouquet. It never hurts to let the leafier aspects define the direction that you want your arrangement to take. You can use rounder shapes to break up straighter and more angular protrusions, or stay versatile in the designs themselves by mixing it up with shapes and colors.

Simple Flower Arrangements

When getting started, often the best step that you can take to help your arrangement shine is to keep it simple. You will want to learn how to hold the flower and gain your bearings before you proceed. Think about how the arrangements will benefit from other inclusions before you actually set them in the piece itself. With a little bit of practice and plenty of flower on hand, you will find it very easy to proceed at your own pace.

Presentation of Flower Arrangements

Finally, be sure to think about the presentation of your piece. Bring it all together with a well chosen ribbon or some other cover that can help it maintain its symbolism and structural integrity. For this aspect, you will need access to the materials and see which will work best for your specific purposes.

Vintage Horizontal Bar64

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