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A Guide To Chandeliers For The Home


Chandeliers are an old-fashioned but attractive way to illuminate a room. Today, there are many more styles available to enhance any decor. If you decide to add a chandelier to an area of your home, you should follow the below chandelier guide to find the right chandelier for your decorating needs.

Choosing the Style of Chandelier

You can place a chandelier in any room of your home for a touch of glamor. This includes the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or closet. Chandeliers now work in large and small rooms. One of the newest trends is mini chandeliers that are used alone or in groups.

The style of chandelier you choose depends of the style of your decor. Is your home traditional, contemporary, or eclectic? Are you trying to make a statement with your chandelier or do you just see it as a lighting fixture? You can choose from ornamental chandeliers or simply-designed chandeliers.

Chandeliers come in a variety of styles such as modern or traditional. You can have a crystal chandelier or one with a mix of elements. There are chandeliers with different metals, different types of glass, and different colors all in one chandelier. Anything is possible as long as it’s something you like and something that complements the rest of your decor. You need to treat any chandelier you buy as an accessory to a room just as a lamp and table are accessories.

The Right Size of Chandelier

It’s important to have a chandelier that is the right size for the area. If it’s too small, it looks awkward, and if if’s too large it overpowers the area. When deciding on the size of the chandelier you need to take into considered the height of the ceiling, the dimensions of the area, and what the chandelier will hang over such as the foyer or the dining room table. In most cases, the bottom of a chandelier should hang at least seven feet from the ground.

Chandeliers are a great choice for any home. To add an elegant touch, consider using chandeliers as lighting to make an areas stand out.

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One thought on “A Guide To Chandeliers For The Home

  1. Given the cheapness and effectiveness of small solar lighting units these days, solar yard lights could be attached a chandelier base can provide a self-sufficient chandelier. The room would need a window with access to sunlight to charge the panels.
    Chandeliers don’t even have to limited to the room’s wiring. A far easier solution for those that love chandeliers, but aren’t electricians.
    Any solar powered LED lights would work.

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