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Key Tips For Basic Interior Design


Designing a room doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you follow specific professional guidelines. Learn the basic design rules before making any purchases. Most begin by choosing a paint color and going forward from there. Some top professionals may surprise you, recommending choosing the paint colors LAST. Why? With thousands of colors, it’s too hard to pick the one that will compliment your furniture, rugs, and other items within the space. This can only be done right once all your things are inside that space. Find other basic interior design tips below.

Space Matters

Avoid overcrowding a space, which makes it uninviting and uncomfortable. Less furniture makes a room more welcoming.

Artwork and Walls

Dress up your walls! Bare walls are boring. Choose interesting artwork and ensure it’s hung at the appropriate height. Measure 57 inches from the floor to the center of the artwork for the perfect mounting height, no matter how high your ceilings may be. This formula is used in museums and galleries.

Furniture Arrangement on a Rug

Rugs do lots in design, beginning with adding pattern, color, and interest on the floor. It’s important to arrange furniture on a rug correctly by: 1.resting all furniture legs upon the rug, 2. resting only the front legs on the rug, or 3. keeping all legs off the rug.

The all-Important Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point–an item or area that draws the eye upon entering the space. Aim to have a main focal point that plays a dramatic role and anchors the room, being most effective when situated directly across the room’s entrance.

Tone Down Collectibles

Ensure collections fit well together. Don’t force the issue–if one simply doesn’t fit, try it in another room. This will create a unifying theme.


Proportion and scale is key when designing a room. Items should work with each other, and with the size of the room.


Lighting plays a leading role. Layers of light are best to provide a dramatic result that creates interest. Numerous sources of lighting will help this happen, like a floor and table lamp, a ceiling mounted fixture, and wall sconces.

These basic interior design tips will ensure a more comfortable and inviting space. With the amount of time we spend in our homes today, it’s important to make the right choices.

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