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Choosing The Right Faucets For Your Home


Details matter when you’re remodeling your home, especially if you want to ignore ordinary and transform your home, especially your bathrooms, into something extraordinary. One detail that’s too often overlooked, but makes an enormous amount of difference, comes down to choosing faucets that really fit in with what you want for the rest of the house. The perfect faucet can make a huge difference between a bathroom that’s just there, and one that really sticks out as beautiful and amazing.

There are four styles of faucets that you have to be aware of when choosing the ones that best fit your bathroom. If you have any questions a professional like those at Direct Interiors will be able to help walk you through the major advantages or disadvantages of each type.

  • Compression-type faucets
  • Ball faucets
  • Cartridge faucets
  • Disk faucets

These don’t describe the appearance, but they explain the type of faucets there and how they work to deal with things such as water pressure and flow. You may find that one option is a little bit better than the others for your home and its piping, or you may end up finding out that any of them are acceptable.

However one thing you truly want to look at is the overall style of your faucet and sink. There’s no rule book that says faucet A must go with this type of sink, but most people find they prefer the look that comes when modern faucets meet modern sinks or old fashioned faucets are paired with a more traditional sink basin. While there’s no reason you can’t mix and match while choosing faucets, chances are the best look is going to come from two looks that are fairly similar in nature.

That being said, make sure you look at faucets and sinks as a package deal. You don’t want to spend the entire budget on a marble sink only to realize the only faucets you can afford look like a conventional bathroom sink in an office building.

Make sure to follow our page here at Direct Interiors for more great ideas to help you choose the right faucets and handle other home details to make your dream home a reality.


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