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Guide To Choosing Fabrics For Drapes

177730380Selecting fabrics for drapes is not easy. This because there are many types of fabrics that are used to make drapes. Normally, curtains have to be of the correct texture, weight, have the right amount of light exposure and light blocking properties and be durable. To find the best fabric that has these qualities, one has to consider many things.

Thread Count

Decorator fabrics usually have higher thread count than fabrics that are used to make clothes. This makes the decorator fabrics more durable. Some of these fabrics need to be dry cleaned. Therefore, one should check the fabric tag in order to know the best way to clean the drapes.


Sun is one of the elements that damages fabrics. However, silks are more prone to sun rot than other fabrics. Some of the window fabrics that are not affected by the sun a lot are brocades, cotton canvas and chintzes. So it is up to one to decide on the way to go.


There are two basic widths that fabrics can come in. They are 42 to 45 inches and 54 to 60 inches. One should check the fabric bolt label to determine the fabric’s width. Fabrics used for decorating the home are normally of a wider width than those used for clothing. Moreover, one can find even wider fabrics in the range of 72 to 75 inches and 105 to 110 inches.


Some of the common weaves found in decorator fabrics include plain, satin, twill and damask. Majority of printed cottons are till or plain weaved. For instance damask weaves are single-color patterned weaves while satin weaves are used to create stripes on some fabrics.

Type of Windows

If one is not quite sure of what fabrics for drapes to choose, he or she should look at the type of windows that the drapes will go on. Different kinds of windows are treated differently depending on several factors. You need to do more research so as to understand those factors and how they affect the fabric choice.

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