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Great Home Lighting Tips

489197599A home’s interior and exterior lighting fixtures are important in many ways; they can make it easier to conduct tasks and improve the appearance or ambiance of a room. These home lighting tips help people select the best lights:

Exterior Lighting

  • Install sconces on outer walls to enhance the decor and ambiance. Use them to direct light so that it shines on plants or against walls. They can also highlight attractive components of the architecture on a home’s exterior.
  • Use moderately bright outdoor lights to deter thieves and promote safety. Avoid excessively high-wattage bulbs; they can bother neighbors and cause electric bills to soar. Try to illuminate all entrances and walkways. Motion activation also keeps criminals at bay.

Interior Lighting

  • When selecting fixtures and bulbs, think about the purpose of each light. Indirect lights brighten the entire room and improve ambiance. On the other hand, direct lighting helps people perform tasks on specific surfaces.
  • Install recessed lights in any tall room with contemporary decor. This equipment is subtle and does not take up any space within the room. Optional dimmer controls allow these lights to be adjusted from dim to very bright.
  • Before buying a chandelier for a dining room or parlor, it is crucial to think about the existing decor and room height. These fixtures range from basic to rather opulent; keep in mind that larger units demand higher ceilings.
  • If babies or children sleep in a room, it needs somewhat different lighting. A desk lamp is useful for people who take care of infants. Young kids often feel safer when a small night light is present.
  • Do not hesitate to install several lights in family rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Under-cabinet fixtures conveniently illuminate kitchen counters, while freestanding floor lights make it easier to read books or newspapers in a living room.

These home lighting tips can save space, cut electric bills and make everyone feel more comfortable. Be sure to look for additional ideas in magazines and catalogs.

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