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Tips For Choosing The Best Lampshades


So you already have a base and you want to pair it with a good lampshade. Finding the best one might take a bit of mix and match but the effort will be worth it. The perfect shade will be able to make the room glow and dazzle with its splendor. Here are some tips on how to shop for it:

Get the Right Size

Before shopping, measure the dimensions of the base including its height and width. Get the length from the top to the switch. The lampshade should barely be able to cover the switch to make it easy to operate. A good rule of thumb is to find one that is 75% of the height of the base. Meanwhile, the width should be about the same as the length between the bottom and the socket. Remember that these are just guides and that you don’t have to match the measurements exactly, though sticking close to them is likely to bring good results.

Harmonize with the Base

There are several different types of lampshades. Virtually every period has its own defining style. There are also a large number of shapes and colors to choose from. The ideal candidate is something that harmonizes with the base in terms of style. It should also be used as a tool to complement features. For ornate bases, pair them with a simple shade so as not to distract from their details. For plain bases, use a more striking piece. It’s alright to get all the attention.

Watch Out for the Heat

Light bulbs tend to generate heat. Some grow hotter than others depending on the type of bulb and the wattage. Incandescent ones can get quite hot while CFLs don’t get as bad. Remember that the material surrounding it is thin and must never touch the light. In fact, the cloth should be several inches away to prevent it from burning which could be dangerous. Take appropriate precautions and watch the fit closely, especially for irregularly-shaped pieces.

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