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Your Guide To Purchasing Roof Snow Guards

Snow guards are small pieces of metal (or hard plastic) installed on rooftops as a form of avalanche control system. When snow falls on the roof of a house, a block of ice or snow may form. As the temperature rises, the block starts to melt and the surface in contact with the roof becomes slippery. This will lead to an avalanche, which will damage anything below the roof, such as plants. The avalanche may also injure any person or animal that may be walking below the edge of the roof.

To prevent this from happening, snow guards should be installed on the roof. Since these devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, buying roof snow guards can be quite a challenge.

Buying Roof Snow Guards

It is important to note that roof snow guards come in different sizes, shapes and materials for mounting on different types of roofs. Some of the factors that may affect your choice of snow guards as well as the number you’ll need include: the pitch and size of the roof, as well as the style of the metal roof.

A panel snow guard is best suited for batten, corrugated, trapezoidal and classic rib panel roofs. On the other hand, clamp-on snow guards are perfect for the standing-seam metal roof type. Depending on the style of metal roofing on your house, you can pick a matching snow guard.

The pitch of a roof is simply the gradient or angle inclination of the roof. It is often given as two figures, such as five-twelve, or 5/12 pitch. This simply means that the roof runs 12 inches for every 5 inches it rises.

Also, of course, the larger the area of your roof, the higher the number of snow guards you will need to secure the load of snow.

Procurement of Snow Guards and Installation Cost

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Inc. can help homeowners to identify the best snow guards for their homes and help them procure these devices at a pocket-friendly price. While some people can do the installation on their own, there are many individuals who do not have the time or technical capacity to do so. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Inc. can help.

To Get Started on Choosing the Right Snow Guards for Your Home, Visit Rocky Mountain Snow Guards:

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