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An Easy Guide To Installing Carpet


Installing carpet is a job that’s high on physicality. In other words, not everyone would want to tackle this task. Yet, despite the physical aspect, installation doesn’t take any special skills and can be accomplished by many homeowners who are handy. You simply need some special tools, which you can rent, and be prepared to take your time doing the job.

The first thing that should be done is to remove the old carpeting. Take off molding first as well as the room door to make removal of the old carpet and bringing in the new one easier. Vacuum the old carpet and then use a utility knife to cut it into strips for removal and roll it up in sections. Make sure the floor is clean and dry and securely fasten underboards. Install new tackless strips if you are going over hardwood floor or vinyl.

Lay down the pad in strips that butt against each other and staple the underlay down along the inside edge of the tackless strip. Trim excess underlay and use duct tape to seal seams.

Begin the carpet installation by starting with a piece that overlaps the edge of the floor by 4 to 6 inches. The overlay can be trimmed afterwards. Cut the first section by measuring the room at the longest point and adding 6 inches. Mark the back of the carpet on both edges and join the two marks with a chalk line. Fold the carpet on itself and use a utility knife to cut through the backside.

For large rooms where you will need additional pieces, follow the same process with subsequent pieces. Be sure that the carpet pile runs the same way in both pieces and that the overlap is the same. Try to lay the carpet so that seam will not occur in noticeable areas. Where pieces join, overlap them and then use a utility knife to cut through both pieces, ensure that edges will match exactly. Center seaming tape in the floor underneath where the two pieces join, and then butt the edges and seal with a carpet roller.

Attach the carpet with a knee kicker and then finish it with a carpet stretcher.

Using a stair tool, tuck the carpet down into the gap between the tackless strips and the wall. Reinstall strips around doors and vent openings.

Always proceed with caution and have extra carpet on hand in case of mistakes.

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