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Best Paint Colors For A Comfortable Kitchen


Kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement project for people who are planning to sell their house. This usually means a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into the space. There are plenty of kitchen paint colors but those listed below are some of the most commonly recommended by interior designers:

Brown with a Splash of Green

Brown has an earthy tone that fits spaces which want to achieve a natural look. It’s a great choice for homes with traditional styling as the kitchen will be in harmony with the rest of the structure. If the cabinets feature beautiful wood grains, then brown walls will complement them very well. The shade can be light or dark. For smaller kitchens, light brown is ideal as it would make the space feel a bit bigger. For larger kitchens, things can go either way. Added visual interest can be provided by splashes of green for the counter tops and other furnishings.

The All-White Kitchen

Modern kitchens look stunning in an all-white ensemble. Light bounces all over the surfaces to create an illusion of space even for small kitchens. Everything from the walls to the cabinets can be painted white for a pristine appearance. Chrome accents can be added for door handles and other fixtures. This works best for minimalist homes where simplicity is beauty.

The Mellow Light Yellow

More traditional homes that don’t want to go brown might want to consider light yellow instead. It is light and airy with a natural vibe. Yellow gives the walls a nice glow that makes the space feel welcoming. It works well for virtually any type of kitchen.

Get Fed around Fiery Red

Red is not something that will suit the taste of many homeowners but it presents the more adventurous ones with a chance to play with an interesting hue. Kitchens are hot and red paint makes them sizzle. It would be great if the walls were complemented by red tiles on the floor or even a red back splash.

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