Tips For Re-Finishing Kitchen Cabinets


ThinkstockPhotos-140377036The kitchen is one of those rooms at home that is heavily personalized. A good dream kitchen not only adds value to a house, but it’s the type of upgrade that can help a house turn into a home. While there are many details that go into making sure your kitchen is looking its best, you’ll want to take a particular look at re-finishing kitchen cabinets.

Why is this? Because your cabinets are where you display your finest dishes and also where you organize so many of your plates, glasses, mixing bowls, and other kitchen utensils. Having a disorganized or old set of cabinets can really cause a frustrating eyesore, especially when the rest of the kitchen is updated.

The first step is to make sure you are completely prepared. Give yourself the right tools like a scraper, hammer, screwdriver, sanding supplies, rags, and of course the proper papers or large clothes to catch all the material you’ll be scraping off. You may even need paint thinner depending on the job.

Make sure to empty out the entire area of dishes and prepare to thoroughly clean the cabinets. You don’t want dust, dirt, or grease left behind before you start the refinishing process. That could lead to disaster. Re-finishing kitchen cabinets takes special care, after all, and then after the cleaning follow this up with the actual process of thoroughly stripping them to get back to their original form. This is the base you want to work with.

At this point make sure you have primer and paint or primer and stain, depending on what look you’re going for. Make sure you don’t go straight to painting and staining. You want to take the time to slowly and thoroughly prime the cabinets so that the work you do will set in more thoroughly and last longer. If you skip this step, you’ll find yourself having to re-finish those same cabinets over and over again because they won’t keep their great look. Give the appropriate time to dry after applying the primer and then apply the paint. You’ll be glad you did.

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