Boxes and Containers Are An Apartment Dweller’s Best Friend

Storage Bins

If you have ever had to live in a small and cramped inner-city apartment, you know that battling for walking space and struggling to organize and put away objects you use everyday is an ongoing war. When your apartment is already small, and you have to purchase more utilities and objects to put in the apartment, it is an uphill climb to remain sane and feel comfortable in your own home. By using boxes and storage containers to wrangle-in the clutter, you can save yourself many headaches.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Boxes, bins and containers can be a great way to save space in the kitchen. We often use tupperware to seal and keep our food to be used later after its been cooked, but have you ever considered using the tupperware to store your groceries before you cook them? Groceries and dry good products come in packaging of all shapes and sizes, so it makes organizing your kitchen pantry like playing a big game of tetris. By using tupperware and plastic containers, you can make all of the pieces of your pantry puzzle fit more tightly together. Consider taking dry pasta, beans or rice out of their original packaging — especially if they were originally in backs, which take up more space and you can’t stack anything to high — and placing them into tupperware or other appropriately sized containers.

Organizing Your Bathroom

Another place in small apartments that could use some help is in the bathroom. All of those hair and hygiene products also come in various shapes and sizes and can easily become cluttered, sitting around the bathroom sink. Consider using plastic storage containers. Use larger containers to store things like hair dryers, flat irons and other electronic bathroom devices, and use plastic storage drawers to store smaller items such as hair ties, bobby pins, and small accessories.

Organizing Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the harder rooms to keep organized, as you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and the items stored in the bedroom are usually shoved into a chest of drawers or into the closet. Consider re-organizing your closet with storage boxes, plastic bins, and plastic storage drawers. Hanging clothes wastes a lot of space that could easily be replaced with plastic storage to make the most use of the valuable space you have in the closet. Socks, underwear and pants can be placed in storage drawers, and long flat storage bins can be stocked full of items and easily slid underneath the bed to keep them out of site.

These are just a few ideas to help you save space and organize everything in your small apartment. The idea is just to get comfortable with organizing with plastic storage items and boxes; give it a try for yourself and you will start to get your own ideas and get a glimpse at the light and the end of the organization tunnel.



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