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Quick Guide To Foundation Leveling


Many homeowners would be unsettled to learn that their house needs some leveling and repair. This is largely due to the notion that such undertakings are expensive. Typically, it’s cheap to have a house leveled, especially if it has a pier and beam foundation. Getting acquainted with foundation leveling could make it a less intimidation undertaking and also help one make prudent decisions when maintaining their home.

What’s House Leveling?

With time, a house’s foundation begins to fail, especially due to moisture and soil-related issues. This especially happens when weight wasn’t properly factored in the design process.  If the foundation begins to fail however, one can have repairs done to resolve the issue. This helps in ensuring that the house has a level foundation so one doesn’t need to worry about any other malfunctions.

The Importance of a Level Foundation

The foundation supports the entire weight of the house. This can be a hefty amount. As such, it’s essential to ensure that the foundation is solid. This is especially true for multi-story homes.

If a foundation fails, other more complicated problems could emerge. Though one may be tempted to ignore them at first, the problem could become serious with time. As the foundation continues to fail, the house could sag and sink significantly. This results in both exterior and interior damage, which translates to more expensive repairs.

When Does a House Need Leveling?

If there are visible clues that the structure is lacking in integrity, this is a symptom of a failing foundation. Other signs include cracks on walls, doors that fail to shut properly, and gaps between floors/ceilings and interior walls. The house could also appear to be uneven when viewed from the outside.

How Leveling is Done

Generally, it would be much easier to repair a pier and beam foundation, due to ease of access. The tools and materials used are also affordable as well. The girders and joists are leveled using special jacks. New piers with stronger concrete bases and block supports could also be installed. Other techniques used in repair include replacing damaged beams with their steel I-beam counterparts. Slab foundations can also be repaired during the leveling process. This would involve installing helical piers, pressed pilings and piers or drilled bell piers.

Foundation leveling is critical in the maintenance of a home’s structural integrity. Hiring the right contractor for this process would allow one to determine what caused the failures and ensure that the home remains stable and safe in future. A structural engineer could also be involved to evaluate the house and recommend the best repair strategy.

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