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Your Air Conditioner Vs Texas Weather


It is often said that “everything is bigger in Texas.” When it comes to the weather, this is definitely very true.

One only needs to look at a map of Texas to understand why the states has such monstrous and varied weather. Not only is the state huge — occupying a large amount of land — but, the area of land making up Texas reaches from the swampy southern marshes of East Texas, into the driest desert in North America on the West side of Texas. This is all prime prairie and plains which means that any air conditioning system that is working in Texas had better be up for a rough fight.

Traditionally, Texas has always had a lot of dust across its expanses — a problem that has grown worse in the past decade due to the worst drought conditions on record for the state. All of this blowing dust carries much more than just dirt. There are so many particulates airborne in these blowing dust clouds. Just think of every farm, reservoir, mountain, and forest that these storms blow through; the dust clouds are picking up more particulates from the areas they blow over, which can include agricultural land, farms, and crops — this means pesticides, diseases, and chemicals.

Your air conditioner is your first and only line of defense in protecting your home from the invading hordes of dust and particulates, therefore you must ensure that your air conditioner is clean and running efficiently. Again, the Texas weather is a force to be reckoned with, and many times, Texas air conditioners lose the battle against nature.

Schedule your Texas air conditioner service or repair call today, and get the upper hand against Lone Star Weather:

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