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Best Cooking Wines To Always Have Stocked In Your Kitchen


There is a misconception that cooking with wine is a fancy technique that is best left to gourmet restaurants. This is far from the truth as anyone can learn to use with appropriately to create mouthwatering dishes. It is best to stay away from the cheap generic cooking wines found at grocery stores. Move on to midrange bottles that taste great and have affordable prices. You will see that this switch will make all the difference in the world. Start with the following types of wines:

Sauvignon Blanc

This is a crisp white wine with high acidity that blends well with dishes that have heavy cream. It provides the sour note that balances the meal. Sauvignon blanc is also used frequently with seafood as it gets rid of the unwanted aftertaste so common with them. The acidity is a welcome property of this wine because it makes meat lighter while it is being tenderized. If you would like a more neutral variant, then get pinot grigio instead. Chardonnay is another possibility. Just remember to opt for a bottle with around 10% alcohol content. The reduction period lengthens with an increase in percentage.

Sparkling Wine

Who said that salads had to be plain and boring? Go ahead and indulge with champagne vinaigrette to add some thrill to your greens. Sparkling wine makes almost anything more appetizing. Sorbets rarely need any help convincing people to have them but mixing in some wine of this variety makes them just a little bit more tempting. Perhaps the best perk of using this is that you can always drink whatever’s left for special occasions or as companions to your wine-infused meals.


Sherry is a versatile type of wine that many cooks stock in their kitchen just in case. It has a great taste that matches well with different types of food. People add it to soups, cream sauces, and appetizers for that extra depth of flavor. Several brands are available everywhere so you don’t have to look hard for them. You can find a good bottle for as little as $6. Do not hesitate to grab more than one.

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