Essential Tools Every New Kitchen Must Have


No matter whether you are a newbie at cooking or have already mastered a considerable culinary expertise, you cannot do without a few basic and essential kitchen tools. If you have a well-laid out kitchen, you may already have all of these on your kitty and they have become a sort of habit with you. And yet anytime you may find one of these missing, you will feel crippled. This is what makes them ‘essential’. So, in this article, we will talk about a few such basic kitchen tools you must absolutely have around your cooking place.

Essential Kitchen Tools

Vegetable Peeler

This workhorse is not only necessary for the purpose of peeling root vegetables like turnips, potatoes, and carrots, but it will also come handy for spiral cutting your produces.

Paring Knife and Chef’s Knife

These two knives should be enough to take care of all your cooking needs. You can cut the proteins and the greens quickly with a chef’s knife, whereas for more precise cuts, the paring knife will serve the purpose.


A zester or a rasp is absolutely indispensable for your kitchen since it takes care of all your grating needs—be it whole nutmegs, citrus peel or Parmesan which needs to be finely grated for that particular dish.

Citrus Reamer

When the citrus fruits are zested, what are you going to do with the rest of the fruit? That’s where a citrus reamer comes into play. An alternative is a juicer, but we would ask you to go for a reamer since that way you will be getting the most of the fruit flesh. Couple it with a fine mesh strainer and you are all sweetly-set!

Wooden Spoon and Silicone Spatula

A wooden spoon may look an extra at first thought, but they come handy when other materials are likely to react with your cookware. Plus, we also recommend them for preparation of desserts like homemade ice cream or crème brulee. A silicone spatula, on the other hand, is ideal for all kinds of scrapping purposes and won’t scratch up your cookware and pots and pans.

To the above, you can add a whisk, a can opener, a colander and a two-cup measuring cup to complete your essential kitchen tools kitty.

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