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Don’t Make These Common Interior Design Mistakes

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Designing interior spaces for new homes is an exciting task but too many homeowners make mistakes that lead to disappointing results. Avoid these interior design mistakes by learning from other people’s experiences. The following are some of the most common offenses:

Incorrect Furniture Size

Don’t go to the furniture store and pick a random set just because it looks good. Be mindful of the scale of the room where it is going and whether it will fit or not. Take exact measurements and use chalk, carpenter’s tape, or other suitable markers to estimate the space that can be occupied by each piece. Use these estimates as limiting factors when trying to shop at the nearest home depot. Failure to consider how everything will fit inside is only going to create problems. It may become difficult to move around the house. Homeowners might be forced into awkward design compromises.

Mixing Too Many Colors

Choose the home’s color palette carefully. Stick with a few tones that mix well together and make these the basis of the entire project. Three colors would be more than sufficient as adding more might only serve to create a visually confusing ensemble. Try to match the major elements of a room to these chosen ones including the walls, the curtains, the decorations, the furniture, and the storage spaces. White, black and silver are popular among modern minimalist homes. Others prefer yellow, red and brown for a more earthy tone. It is up to the homeowners to pick based on what they wish to achieve.

Going Overboard with Décor

The décor is the best chance that homeowners have of letting their personality shine through. They should definitely make the most of this opportunity while also resisting the urge to go overboard. Excellent interiors may become cluttered if there are too many frames hanging on the wall and trinkets all over the house. Choose a few frames that the eyes can focus on. Place the knick-knacks in their own dedicated shelf. Organize collections such that they look pleasing and easy to keep track of.

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