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Quick Decorating Tips For A Comfortable Home

459401987Pressure at work and family responsibilities can more often than not leave you stressed out and moody. It may surprise you that the environment at home can go a long way towards eliminating that stress. Follow these simple home decorating tips to create an inviting living space that will melt the tension away.

1. Reduce Clutter — Piles of magazines, mail and old newspapers are reminders that you are unorganized and never seem to have the time to do the things you need to do. Removing the clutter creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes you want to spend time at home. Put the newspapers and magazines into a recycle bin as soon as you read them and keep your mail in a decorative basket to eliminate messy piles.

2. Create the Illusion of More Space — Cramped spaces can increase anxiety. If you have limited space in your family room, paint the walls a light color to make the room appear larger. Paint wood furniture that sits against the wall the same color as the walls to make it blend in with the background. Remove any unnecessary end tables and opt for table lamps instead of floor lamps to free up floor space.

3. Use a Soothing Color Scheme in the Bedroom — Bright colors in the bedroom can make it difficult to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Opt instead for earth tones, green, or blue. You can go all out by repainting the walls or start by changing the bedspread, lamp shades and throw pillows. While you are at it, place electronic devices in a cabinet or even better, remove them from the bedroom altogether. The light on TVs and computers disrupt restful sleep whether you consciously notice them or not.

4. Invest in House Plants — Elements from nature are calming and according to at least one study, promote friendly interaction between people. Choose hearty low-maintenance plants so you can avoid being stressed out by keeping them alive. Another option is to hang a mirror on the wall opposite the largest window in your house that faces the yard. If the view outside includes other buildings instead of nature, purchase some inexpensive landscapes and hang them on the walls instead.

Creating a soothing living environment will help you relax as soon as you walk in the door. Use these tips to make your house a place you want to come home to every night.

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