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Fun Ideas for Decorating a Kid’s Room


Every child is unique, and decorating your kid’s room can make it reflect his or her individual personality. Whether you have a little money to spend or a lot, use these ideas to help you jump start your project.

Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be limited to ready-made pieces. To make a kid’s room more unique, hang framed book covers or your child’s art projects. You can install a chalkboard wall or corkboard and let children decorate it themselves. For a more sophisticated look, try framed alphabet cards, a large-scale poster map, or poster sized prints that are large enough to cover an entire wall.


You can get creative by hanging vintage signs that match your child’s interests, or by decorating with paper parasols or a birdhouse. A fun alternative to standard wallpapering is to paint the walls and use wallpaper on the ceiling. No matter what you use for décor, if you keep your kid’s room from being too age-specific, the decorations can last through different stages of his or her life.


Furniture can be expensive, but there are certain ways to cut costs. If you buy quality furniture, try to pick pieces that will suit your child at any age. You can also buy vintage furniture and make it look new and polished with a good coat of paint. Painting your furniture also keeps you from having to choose pieces that already match the room’s color palette. Instead of buying furniture for kids’ toys, look for old trunks at flea markets or thrift stores. If a trunk’s interior looks worse for wear, pulling out the old liner and sewing in a new one can help revitalize it.

Small Spaces

Create added space in your child’s room with a built-in daybed situated much like a window-seat. The area above the bed can extend upward into shelves for books, stuffed animals, and other meaningful objects. You can also use storage headboards and under-bed bins. Curtains make a great door for a room that isn’t completely separate from a larger area. A shoe holder placed in a convenient location, such as by the bedroom door, can be used to store items that are used frequently.


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