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Tips for Choosing Grout and Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

457090513Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Choosing the right tile and planning ahead will be your keys to success. Here are ten rules that will make your remodel seamless.

Draw a Detailed Plan

You probably have a specific design in mind, and if you want your tile to fit your space, you should draw out a detailed plan, including all measurements. This will help you choose the right size and type of tile.

Choose the Right Size

It is easy to choose the wrong size of tile. Many tiles come in European sizing, which can add to the complexity of determining the correct size. You also want to include grouting in your size calculations.

Work From the Top Down

When laying your tile, you want all of the mitered pieces to start at a grout joint, which is easier to accomplish if you lay tiles from the ceiling down. This process can minimize or eliminate the need to cut your tiles.

Be Wary of Windows and Doors

Making sure that your windows and doors are watertight can be especially tricky. This is something you need to consider when drawing your design. Tilted window sills can be a great way to ensure that no water filtrates behind the tile around your windows.

Install Proper Drainage

Getting your drainage exactly right can be quite a feat. Make sure that you determine your tile layout before your drain pipe is installed. Drainage can be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to adjust after it has been installed, so you want it to be installed perfectly the first time.

Avoid Leakage

The last thing you want when you get out of the shower is water all over the floor. Make sure that you grade the floor toward the drain, directing the water toward the center of the shower. If you’re installing a river rock floor, remember that these floors are slower to drain, which means that you need to increase the pitch of your floor to ensure proper drainage.

Don’t Rush

It is important to allow time for each step of your renovation. You need to allow time for tile installation, grouting and sealing of the tile before you use your bathroom. Don’t rush this process!

Pay Attention to Detail

The details can bring the beauty out in your remodel. For example, wrapping tile around the corners can be a great way to give your tile a seamless continuity. Pay attention to these details to make your bathroom even more beautiful.

Build Big Niches

Shower niches are much easier to build, and much easier to use, the bigger they are. As a general rule, build your niches one to two inches larger than you actually want them to be.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a long and detailed process, but it will be worth the wait to finally have the bathroom of your dreams!


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