Tips for Purchasing a Home Security System

Burglar alarmHaving a home security system installed in your home will give you greater peace of mind. Studies show that homes with security systems are 33 percent less likely to experience a burglary than homes without one, so those feelings of added comfort are based on reality and not just wishful thinking.

If you are interested in purchasing a home security system you have a number of options. There are several important factors that must be taken into account before you make a final choice, however, and if you overlook any of them it could cost you money and leave you less safe than you could be and should be.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you make a solid, safe and affordable decision:

Tip #1 Have a risk assessment performed.

Ask any home security system company you contact to send a representative to your home to assess your needs. After visiting the premises and getting a feel for the layout, he or she should be able to identify your vulnerabilities and recommend a system that can address all of them.

You should contact three or four companies and ask them to perform this service, and if any of them tries to charge you for it cross them off your list immediately.

Tip #2 Get multiple prices quotes and make sure they cover everything.

Your quotes should include the costs of installation, equipment, monthly monitoring fees, warranties, fire protection, intercoms, dual-tech sensors, pet alleys, remote control and any other extras you might be interested in including in your home security system package. Some of the above items are optional, but you should have everything explained very clearly before you accept or reject any perks. Also, be sure to ask if there are any hidden fees before putting your signature on the bottom line.

Tip #3 Ask each company to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of system in detail.

Ask about the difference between non-monitored home security systems that connect you directly to the police and monitored systems that connect to a central monitoring response office. Sound them about the strengths and weaknesses of both wired and wireless systems. Find out what others who live in similar-sized or designed homes have been buying and ask about the feedback they’ve been giving.

Your best choice won’t always be obvious, so it is important to get expert input before you decide.

Tip #4 Choose a company that offers flexibility.

Don’t buy a home security system from a company that:

A). Locks you into long-term contracts (three-to-five years)

B). Charges high fees if you break a contract

C). Refuses to give you access and control over passcodes and other types or programming

D). Won’t let you choose or switch to another company to handle monitoring if you want a monitored system (monitoring is separate from installation and they should only be a package deal if you request it)

Finding Safety and Security On a Reasonable Budget

As long as you buy from a reputable company your home security system should work exceptionally well. Nevertheless you should search for the technology and services package that delivers the best performance at the most affordable price.

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